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TATTOOSTICK® external paint transfers and stickers

TATTOOSTICK® external paint transfers

With TATTOOSTICK® external paint transfers, you can decorate your ride even after it is painted!

TATTOOSTICK® external paint transfers are completely fuel proof, cold and heat resisting and strong for UV light damage. They can be applied to complex compound curves so that they fit on almost any RC body, or even any kind of your personal gears, such as mobile phones, notebook personal computers or even vehicles.
There are variety of designs available in various colors, all originally designed by Japanese design company, DUKE. Below are some samples of designs, and the complete catalog is available in PDF.

Tattostick catalog (PDF)


How to apply:

Clean up where you wish to apply the paint. Trim and line up the transfer to the desired location outside the body, then press with your finger carefully from the edge to transfer the paint and remove air babbles. Then, remove the backing slowly.
If the temperature is low, you may get better result if you warm up where you wish to apply the paint with a hair dryer before you start above operation.

Sheet sizes:


JD series stickers

JD series stickers are made from silver leaf and special resin. They have clear, three-dimensional appearances and look like no other RC decals. You can choose from variety of designs and colors. Try them now and achieve custom!

Tattostick catalog (PDF)

Sheet size:

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